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Tributes and Recognition for the Society’s specialisation in the First 1000 Days in working with mothers, babies and young children

This year’s 2021 Annual Report features the achievements of our staff, volunteers, stakeholders and members to deliver services in support of our most at-risk and vulnerable families pushed further into disadvantage, exploitation and poverty.  These efforts were recognised in 2020 when the Society received commendations having exceeded accreditation standards as set out in the Victorian Human Services Standards and the QIC Health and Community Standards. Describing the Society’s “culture of courage” resonates through this report, sharing the accounts of and tributes to our specialisation in pregnancy and early parenting, including the First 1000 Days and the importance in creating safe and nurturing environments for babies and children.

You will also read more about the experiences like Jenny who found her way to the Society through one of our COVID “pivot” moments through a place-based drop-in session in Wyndham.

Jenny’s connection into our pop up meant our team of practitioners were able to work closely with her not only in putting together a much-needed care pack of nappies, prams and cot, but were also able to undertake early parenting sessions to build her parenting confidence and the financial security to support herself and children.