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A culture of courage

The extraordinary efforts of our staff were recently recognised with the Society receiving commendations having exceeded accreditation standards as set out in the Victorian Human Services Standards and the QIC Health and Community Standards.

Describing the Society’s “culture of courage” resonates as read through our 2021 Annual Report including the accounts of and tributes to our specialisation in pregnancy and early parenting, including the First 1000 Days and the importance in creating safe and nurturing environments for babies and children.

Breaking through the statistics to share with you the true impact on the lives of women and children, who are already on the margins of our communities due to the exceptional and complex circumstances they experience.

We only know too well the harsh impact over the past 16 months have had on our families and those close to us including our immediate networks and communities, and the emerging needs of new vulnerable cohorts experiencing economic and social uncertainty.

Along with this is the significant toll it has taken on the community and family services sector while finding new ways to deliver services in support of our most at risk and vulnerable pushed further into disadvantage.

When CCS staff were asked why they are passionate about working with families to improve outcomes for children – here are their responses

“I strongly believe all children have the right to feel safe and be safe, to be loved and given as many opportunities to succeed as possible. Our team contributes to that every day!”

“I believe in motivating, encouraging, and giving hope to future generations to attempt to stop inter-generational poverty. Sometimes it only takes one person to show generosity and be nonjudgemental, to help guide a family to live their best life. It doesn’t matter if they stumble or fall, as long as they get back up and keep going.”

“…. By working with vulnerable families to provide access to resources to increase attachment, we can better impact our community as a whole by giving our most vulnerable populations the support needed to live fulfilling, autonomous, and connected lives.”