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The Caroline Chisholm Society provides free and confidential help to:

    expectant mothers,
  • sole parents with at least one child under primary school age, and
  • two parent families with at least one child under primary school age.

The Caroline Chisholm Society is a professional agency of social and community workers, service support staff and volunteers, who offer pregnancy counselling and support, material aid and family support.

The Society provides services that respond to the needs of families and supports them to achieve and maintain a safe and nurturing environment.

The Society is a non-denominational and non-political charity.

Our Offices:

  • 1 Darebin Place, Caroline Springs
  • 15A St Andrews Road, Shepparton

If you need urgent assistance,
we encourage you to call one of these 24 hour hotlines:

  • 13 11 14    Lifeline crisis support
  • 13 22 29    Maternal and Child Health (MCH) line


Pregnancy Assistance Parental Assistance Post Natal Depression
  • Child development
  • Your body
  • Coping with changes
  • Prepare for your child
  • Morning sicknes
  • Adoption
  • Abortion
  • Decision making
  • Children 0-6 months
  • Children 6-12 months
  • Children 12-18 months
  • Child development
  • Discipline
  • Parenting strategies
  • What is PND?
  • What are the signs of PND?
  • What help is available?

Jean's Story: A Case Study

Jean presented through our welfare appointments 8 1⁄2 months pregnant requiring ‘everything’ for the baby. She explained that her husband did not have a regular income as he worked on a contract basis. Through discussions with the worker, Jean acknowledged that she was feeling quite anxious about parenting a new baby as she is quite isolated from her family and has recently moved into a new area. She had also missed her hospital antenatal classes through ongoing sickness during her pregnancy and moving house. Jean stated that she had ‘never nursed a new baby’ or knew anyone who had a baby.

Jean was provided with baby goods and clothing and was encouraged to contact the Social Worker at the hospital to prepare for the birth. Additionally, Jean and her husband were referred into the Caroline Chisholm Society Family Support Program, for support in the early months of parenting their baby.

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