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Finding a Home for Sally

Sally* migrated over 15 years ago and met her partner whilst living in Australia and shortly after, the violence in the relationship was already showing. Shortly after marrying in 2018, the relationship became violent during Sally’s pregnancy and after the baby was born.

The COVID pandemic and restrictions made Sally’s living situation unbearable and very unsafe for both her and her baby.

In 2021 Sally was fortunate to have secured affordable housing, and made the move.  With her safety concerns realized, security measures were put in place and despite a restraining order in place, continued threats to the safety of Sally and her baby continued.

After seeking out support for new housing, and being connected into GenWest family violence services, a referral was made to the Society’s specialist housing supports to find safe housing for Sally and her baby.

Over the past 3 years, the Society’s specialist housing services have been inundated with people looking for a place to call ‘home’ as Sally’s situation was similar to other women in search of safe and affordable housing.

On assessment, it was soon apparent the trauma and hardship experienced by Sally and her son required strong advocacy in building the case for community housing support.  Through the collaborative efforts of the Society with McAuley for Women and Children, Sally was able to secure a place with the services. 


This is one of many situations where women in similar situations are having to compete for suitable, safe and affordable housing.  The housing crisis we are facing, but with the help of other services and advocacy we can secure housing for some of our clients and continue to work tirelessly to keep them safe.

RizeUp Australia – another incredible organisation – provides life changing practical support for families affected by domestic violence were also a part of the recovery and support for Sally, including fully furnishing her home, creating a haven for her and her son.

Unfortunately, there are still many women experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity, including long waitlists as agencies like the Society partner with others in our collaborative efforts to find suitable, safe and affordable homes.  

*Name has been changed to protect identity.