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Alicia has a deep insight into family violence.

Upon asking Alicia to reflect on her experience, she opened up about how she felt about the separation from her partner, and in opening up, Alicia shares her insights into her road to transformation.

When asked about her experience, Alicia describes her sense of loss – having just lost someone who didn’t value me and that’s his loss.

Alicia’s true love for her son Jai was all she needed and in wanting to make him proud beyond just seeing his mum as someone who cooks, but someone who provides for him.

Since being involved with the Society, Alicia has succeeded in putting into place a plan for her and Jai, including applying for part-time work, exploring her training options including wanting to study to be a nurse.  Her more immediate goal is to gain independence with obtaining her drivers license, and while these plans are in place, Alicia knows how important her health and wellbeing are enjoys her new gym membership.  “I know what it means now on how I can look after myself too, as before I would only look after my ex-partner and my baby.”

Working with family violence victim-survivors is a unique space practitioners with the Society are currently working within, as Cassie describes as  “You can ultimately alter the path of someone’s life, even with just some small changes, which in turn creates a safe and nurturing space for young children to grow.”

One area for focus in building Alicia’s early parenting capacity has been the goal to improve the social and emotional wellbeing of her young son Jai.

A common experience for children exposed to family violence, but not irrversible, are increased behaviour issues.

For Cassie in her time with Alicia and Jai describes as “astonishing to see how a loving and fostering environment can change this.”  Between putting in place some great supports through community programs like early childhood along with the work in early parenting programming with the Society, Alicia is beginning to experience a growth in her relationship as well as Jai’s development, including – as Alicia describes – “a kind and considerate young boy.”

The Society aims to provide families with opportunities for independence, so when staff move on from their role in working with a family, they may stand on their own two feet.

Alicia’s story is a good example of the progress that can be made when people are treated with compassion, care, and respect, where they may have otherwise experienced disempowerment and inhumanity.

It has been inspiring to see Alicia create a life for herself and for her son.