Perinatal Mental Health Referral form for Wyndham City Council









Who is the Caroline Chisholm Society?

Caroline Chisholm Society has been providing services to vulnerable children, women and families for over 50 years. Caroline Chisholm Society specialises in providing a range of support and assistance to pregnant women and parents with young children aged up to 5 years.


What we can provide for you.


If you are a parent feeling overwhelmed or anxious, in need of some support or would like to find out some options to help you we would like to offer our service to you free of charge through the Wyndham City Council.

  • Support is provided via Telehealth or face-to-face.
  • Counselling may be a once-off appointment through a single-session consult or over a few sessions.
  • Evidence-based psychological interventions provided
  • Referral pathways discussed.
  • Secondary consultations provided to council staff.


For secondary consultation referral please fill out this form