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Be The Village. We are The Village


Being a part of the village means growing up in a place that takes a keen interest in the care and safety of babies and children. Were you fortunate in your parenting experience to be a part of the village involved in the care and wellbeing of your family?

Let’s end the impact of poverty when it comes to providing the basics for our mothers, babies and children with a safe place to sleep, clothing, nappies and toiletries.


Every Mum Matters, Every Child Counts


Every year the Society receives hundreds of requests for assistance – with referrals from maternal and child health nurses, a family violence specialist, a women’s shelter; a friend or family who knows mum needs some support or just a call from mum herself as she tries to figure out how to access the right support at the right time for her and her children.

We know the greatest impact we can have is in working with mums and their families in the early years – in fact – the First 1000 Days. We work sooner and earlier with mums during pregnancy and their transition into early parenting to create safe and nurturing environments for babies, infants and young children up to the age of 5. 

Will you Be the Village for the First 1000 Days?


Every Child- deserves  the best start and your support means clothing, somewhere safe to sleep, a pram means the difference in mum being able to move around in her community –  connecting families into community and family networks.

Every Mum – needs a village, your support means they can see a specialist (including perinatal mental health practitioner) works directly with an expectant mum, a new mum, a mum and her infants and young children. Helping her to achieve her goals to secure more stable and affordable housing, impacted by mental health issues; financial instability; and those impacted by the trauma of violence and exploitation.